Wedding Cake

Cherry Pie X Girl Scout Cookies

THC 25%-29%

Sativa 40%

Indica 60%

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Wedding Cake is an indica dominant strain that gives off an exceptionally sweet aroma and fruity flavor by combining Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies strains.  The taste is a combination of cookies and the fruitiness of cherry pie.  This strain works as a calming agent and an appetite stimulator and does help in calming down nerves and controlling anxiety symptoms.  

Wedding Cake is shaped like pine trees and looks dense in form.  It is frosty in nature and has dark green leaves.  It is also covered in orange hairs all over it and is known for its sugary taste as well as its high potency.


Creative | Euphoria | Relaxing | Sleepy

Helps With

Chronic Pain | Depression | Fibromyalgia | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | Multiple Sclerosis | Nausea


Berry | Fruity | Sweet



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