See What They're Saying

I tried the Wedding Cake pre-roll, it was phenomenal! I've sampled a lot of different cannabis over the years and this really stood out. It burned evenly and more importantly very slowly throughout the entire session. The wax tip is a first for me, it was comfortable and durable. I noticed that it didn't get extremely hot or harsh near the end like all other pre-rolls. The high was calming and relaxing, I was able to get two sessions out of one joint also, which was nice.

I tried the Gorilla Breath PR from Golden Shores last night, and I loved it! It was super smooth and so relaxing and knocked me out cold after a long day. The wax filter took some getting use to and was a little different but still cool. I love Gorilla breath as a strain and Golden Shores did not disappoint. I like the overall concept of this company with the wildflowers in the filter and QR I would definitely buy other strains from them to try🔥

The Golden Shores Kiwi preroll was really good. I am a cougher - but not much with this one. Smooth smoke and really relaxing body high. At first the wax filter weirded me out and it seemed loose or something.. but by the end I was sold. And I’m gonna throw the filter next to my other random wildflowers because it will grow wildflower seeds!!! I think that’s the coolest. I would definitely try other strains from them.

Big bubble was a really nice solid smoke. Very earthy with light floral notes left me chillin feeling it behind my eyes but still able to get my shit done. I'm really excited to plant these tips to see if the wildflowers grow! Straight 8/10 on the pre roll I'd love to try some fresher flower to unlock the fullest extent of its terpene spectrum. Will say one of the better pre rolls I've had in a minute. 

Outstanding pre rolls!

Really enjoyed the flavor of the purple punch and it gave a nice buzz. The join itself burned slowly and evenly, no canoeing!

Devils drip has a sweet, fruity gas flavor and the same with the smell, Very strong. Burns good and slow. Gives an intense head high which hits you like a brick but in a good way.