Tiki Cookies - Golden Shores Cannabis

Tiki Cookies

Cookies X Tiki Rain

THC 19%

Sativa 50%

Indica 50%

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Tiki Cookies is a hybrid strain of Cookies and Tiki Rain that is sweet yet earthy and is said to spark motivation while also relieving stress. The aroma is very similar with an earthy nuttiness and slightly pungent with smooth, sweet vanilla, spices and tropical fruit.  This strain starts with a cerebral high that instantly boosts the user’s mood that is accompanied with a long-lasting body high 

This strain has an oversized, spade-shaped bud with dark, olive green nugs with bright, orange hairs covered in crystals.


Cerebral | Creative | Motivation

Helps With

Anxiety | Appetite Loss | Mood Swings | Pain | Stress | Parkinson's


Cherry | Pine | Sweet | Tropical Fruit


Pungent | Spicy | Sweet | Vanilla


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