Tear Gas


THC 16%-19%

Sativa -

Indica 100%

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Need to clear a room? Golden Shores is here to help. Introducing Tear Gas! This strain’s pungent aroma and taste will knock you out then stick to you for the rest of the day or night. With the first toke you’ll feel the effects right behind your eyes and then they’ll sink down your body where you will the body calming relaxation for the rest of the experience coming in slow waves.

Tear Gas is recognizable by its deep green color and the thick sticky dusting of trichomes. The buds are incredibly dense and have a weight which speaks of its potency. The flavor is spicy and pungent with hints of gasoline. We recommend Tear Gas for parties, creative endeavors, and watching films with friends.


Relaxed | Euphoric | Focused

Helps With

Pain | Anxiety | Depression | Inflammation | Nausea


Deisel | Spicy | Woody


Woody | Citrus | Deisel

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