Blueberry X Somango

THC 19%-21%

Sativa 20%

Indica 80%

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Smoothie is an indica dominant strain produced by crossing Blueberry and Somango strains and is best known for its smell and flavor that is much like a blueberry smoothie.  The aroma has a fragrant sweet, berry, citrus fragrance with a sweet berry, fruity undertone.  The taste is like sweet blueberry with a fruity, citrus exhale that is slightly sour. The Smoothie high is a smooth balance of cerebral and physical effects that gives you a creative and uplifting effect designed to help you to be inspired to create and design.

Smoothie has a medium sized, bright neon green spade-shaped nugs with bright lime green undertones, sparse amber hairs and a sticky layer of dripping resin.


Cerebral | Creative | Euphoria | Relaxing

Helps With

Depression | Headaches | Muscle Spasms | Nausea


Citrus | Fruity | Lemon


Citrus | Floral | Fragrant | Fruity | Lavender

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