Purple Punch X Dosie Do

THC 22%-25%

Sativa 40%

Indica 60%

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Slurricane is an indica dominant strain that is ideal for the experienced user and is quickly becoming one of the more popular strains on the cannabis market.  A surge of Euphoria will overcome your mind and develop and tingle that will go from the back of your head all the way down to your toes.  After that, feelings of heavy sedation often lead to sleep and can also leave you on lock down on your couch for quite some time.  This strain is created through crossing Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch strains.

Slurricane provides a mixture of berries, spice, cream and tropical fruits that dance on the user’s tongue as they smoke this strain.  This strain provides and large and fluffy nug that is dark in color and has a thick layer of white crystals with a bit of purple that can be seen in the right light.


Relaxed | Social | Happy

Helps With

 Anxiety | Depression | Loss of Appetite


Berries | Cream | Spice | Tropical Fruit

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