Popscotti - Golden Shores Cannabis


Biscotti X Red Pop


Sativa 30%

Indica 70%

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Need something a little sweet? Try Golden Shores’ Popscotti! This 70% Indica hybrid is the child of Biscotti and the award-winning Michigan strain Red Pop and it is just as delectable as its parent strains. With your first taste of Popscotti you’ll feel a rush of calm euphoria spread through your head that will slowly drip down the rest of your body leaving you stuck to the couch, bean bag, or wherever you choose to enjoy Golden Shores’ newest sweet-treat.

Popscotti is recognizable by its black green buds, thick sticky coating of trichomes with rosy red pistils peeking out from underneath. Popscotti buds are as dense as the famous Italian cookie and as sweet as the famous Michigan soda pop. The strain is best paired with a soft couch and great friends, a refreshing day at the beach, or after a nice dinner with a loved one. There is always room for Popscotti.


Relaxed | Euphoric | Bliss

Helps With

Depression | Chronic Pain| Appetite | Parkinson's


Vanilla | Sweet | Nutty


Sweet | Fruity | Herbal


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