Larry Bird


THC 23.9%

Sativa -

Indica -

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Larry Bird, the famous forward from the Boston Celtics, was known for his mastery of the fundamentals and the strain that bears his name is much the same. A low to mid THC hybrid, Larry Bird is the perfect strain for those just stepping onto the cannabis court and seasoned players alike. A crossbreed of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, Larry Bird delivers a cerebral sensation focusing your mind and relaxing your body, lifting you higher than the man himself.

Larry Bird is recognizable by its Celtics green color, thick coating of trichomes that dribble off of the bud, and basketball orange pistils. This strain pairs well with creative tasks, purposeful exercise, or watching the big game with your friends.


Relaxed | Creative | Happy

Helps With

Pain | Depression | Stress


Earthy | Sweet | Grape


Citrus | Sweet | Pine

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