Freak Fried Ice Cream - Golden Shores Cannabis

Freak Fried Ice Cream

Deep Breath X Ice Cream Cake

THC 22%-27%

Sativa 35%

Indica 65%

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Freak Fried Ice Cream is a delectable and passionate hybrid. The mouthwatering Golden Shores favorite comes from the Under Ground Trees genetics team. While hunting for the best Deep Fried Ice Cream strain, UGT grew this nasty, Freaky clone. Much different from her fellow sisters, this plant was so good, she needed to stand alone. Once you start toking, this 65% indica leaning hybrid will start right between the eyes and then slowly drip down the rest of your body giving you strong physical sensation and relaxation. That 35% sativa will still keep your mind focused on whatever…or whoever… is in need of your attention while enjoying the same euphoric feelings in the body.

Freak Fried Ice Cream is recognizable by its pine tree green color with lighter hairs that are almost white and its sweet vanilla and foresty flavor. This strain is a great to pair with reading a book, enjoying a dessert, or sharing the experience with a partner.


Relaxed | Calm | Arousel | Happy

Helps With

Depression | Pain Relief | Appetite | Stress | Arousel


Vanilla | Pine | Passionfruit


Pine | Skunky | Sweet

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