Deer In The Headlights - Golden Shores Cannabis

Deer In The Headlights

Chem 91 X Animal Cookies

THC 20%

Sativa 70%

Indica 30%

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You ever see something that stops you dead in your tracks? No? Then gaze upon the beautiful bud Deer In The Headlights from Golden Shores! This spicy 70% sativa will smack you hard in the face and its all-consuming focusing effects will stay there and slowly drip down the rest of your body. Be careful what you put in front of you, because you’ll have a hard time averting your attention and energy. You’ll be caught… like a Deer In The Headlights.

Deer in the Headlights is recognizable by its forest green color and the thick white coat of trichomes with orange pistils hiding underneath. The buds are thick and dense and you’ll feel the weight when handling it. The taste is spicy and woody which will remind you of being around the campfire with friends. We recommend Deer in the Headlights for simple tasks you want yourself absorbed in such as artistic endeavors, walks in the woods, or charting out the night sky.


Relaxed | Energetic | Focused

Helps With

Creativity | Anxiety | Stress


Earthy | Woody | Spicy


Pine | Earthy | Citrus


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