Deep Fried Ice Cream

Deep Breath X Ice Cream Cake

THC 25%

Sativa 35%

Indica 65%

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Deep Fried Ice Cream is an Indica forward hybrid strain (65% Indica/35% Sativa) from Bulletproof Genetics. Bred from Deep Breath (father) and Ice Cream Cake (mother) resulting in a dense, sticky, trichome heavy flower. The potent and gassy characteristics of Deep Breath hit hard on the smell along with vanilla and citrus. The aroma is a room filler, not the strain you accidentally want to leave in your coat if you're going to eat dinner at the Caucus Club. The luscious earthy flavors of Ice Cream Cake come through in a big way on the smoke with lingering dank. The come up is quick and heady and has staying power but isn't uncomfortable The high slows you down in the best way with full body relaxation and is ideal for pain management with the high ratio of indica. Deep Fried Ice Cream is also exceptional fuel for
creativity and muted focus. A stay home and chill or end of the night smoke.


Full Body Relaxation | Heady | Dreamy | Creative | Low Energy

Helps With

Insomnia | Chronic Pain | Migraines | PTSD | Stress | Depression


Gassy | Earthy | Citrus | Vanilla | Pine


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