Critical Star

Critical Mass x Sensi Star

THC 11%-19%

Sativa 10%

Indica 90%

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Critical Star is an indica dominant hybrid that offers a bold, fruity aroma that provides a relaxing effect that is produced through combining Critical Mass and Sensi Star strains.  This strain gives off a thick and deeply pungent smoke that’s easy on the lungs and on the exhale, provides a taste that is both fruity and sour.  Users will experience a weighted feeling both in the core and limbs that can make physical activity and coordination difficult.  Critical Star has also been known to provide a giddy and giggly state of mind that can be fun for passing time with friends.

Critical Star has a large and solid cone shape with small broad leaves that are held tightly together within its dense core.  The leaves are a faint, sage green color and are twisted through deep brown and orange hairs and covered with a sticky, white crystal.


Relaxed | Social | Happy

Helps With

Depression | Insomnia | Migraines


Fruity | Sour | Earthy | Pungent


Citrus | Fruity | Sour | Pungent

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