Big Bubble

Big Bubble X Mass

THC 18%-22%

Sativa 25%

Indica 75%

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Big Bubble is an indica dominant strain that leaves the user feeling like they are floating inside of a big bubble, getting uplifted while you soar high above your stress and anxieties.  This strain is the product of combining the Big Bubble and Mass strains that will leave the user feeling super relaxed so evenings are the ideal time for use.  Although your body will feel sedated and couch locked, your mind will have its creative juices flowing along with euphoric feelings.

Big Bubble is a delicious strain that yields a sweet, earthy and flowery scent that gives you a strong sugary, bubblegum taste as you exhale the smoke. This strain has dark green leaves and buds with orange hairs intermingled throughout the nugs with a nice layer of white crystals.


Relaxed | Happy | Hungry

Helps With

Insomnia | Stress | Pain


Berry | Blueberry | Flowery | Sweet


Bubblegum | Sweet

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