Animal Mints

Thin Mint Girls Scout Cookies X Fire OG

THC 25-32%

Sativa 50%

Indica 50%

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Animal Mints is an evenly balanced strain (50% indica & 50% sativa) that is created by crossing Thin Mint Girls Scout Cookies and Fire OG that provides an insanely delicious toke will hit both the body and mind with a high level of potency.  This strain packs a super sweet minty cookie flavor with a light nutty vanilla exhale.  The aroma contains an earthy pine with a sharp mint and pungent diesel.  Animal mints has a long lasting effect that are perfect for kicking back after long and stressful day.

This strain will fill your mind with a sleepy, lifted sense that leaves you totally stoned and fading in and out of focus with a full body high that lulls you into a state of lockdown on the couch before you drift away into peaceful bliss.  This bud has fluffy oversized popcorn shaped nugs that are forest green with thin amber hairs with a sweet, sticky coating of syrupy resin.


Body High | Cerebral | Sleepy | Uplifting

Helps With

Chronic Pain | Cramps | Depression | Insomnia | Muscle Spasms | Stress


Nutty | Pine | Sour | Sweet | Vanilla


Diesel | Earthy | Pine | Pungent | Sour

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