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Air Force 1

Obama Kush X Trump 1000

THC 20%

Sativa 50%

Indica 50%

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Air Force 1 is a hybrid that will leave you soaring. Golden Shores’ Air Force 1 comes from the crossbreeding of Trump OG and Obama Kush and is perfectly balanced at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It is a great strain for the first timer delivering the best of what cannabis has to offer. With your first toke, euphoria will spread from the back of head then slowly down your shoulders elevating your body to new heights while still keeping your feet on the ground.

The strain is recognizable by its deep forest green color, splashes of orange hairs and its earthy aroma and taste. Air Force 1 is the perfect strain to pair with meditation, mindful tasks, or just relaxing and watching the clouds.


Calm | Energetic | Euphoria | Relaxed

Helps With

Anxiety | Pain Relief | Nausea | Insomnia | Stress


Citrus | Earthy | Spicy


Earthy | Pungent

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