GMO Cookies

Chemdawg X Grils Scout Cookies

THC 29%

Sativa 10%

Indica 90%

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GMO Cookies is a heavy indica strain known for its super pungent aroma and heavy sedative highthat is generated through crossing Chemdawg and Grils Scout Cookies strains.  This bud has a delicious and savory garlic flavor with a pungent and spicy exhale that stays in your mouth long after your last toke.  The aroma is very heavy and potent with hints of spicy coffee.

This strain has long lasting effects that will have the user flying high and staying high for hours before you fade away into a deep sleep.  You’ll feel totally relaxed with a deep sense peace in both body and mind. GMO Cookies has a flat elongated nug that is a dense and pepper shaped and olive green in color with thin orange hairs and tiny dark amber crystals.


Euphoria | Happy | Relaxing | Sleepy | Uplifting

Helps With

Chronic Pain | Depression | Inflammation | Insomnia | Stress


Coffee | Fruity |  Herbal | Spicy | Sweet


Coffee | Fuel | Herbals | Spicy | Sweet

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