White Widow X Wedding Cake X Brownie Scout

THC 22%-28%

Sativa 65%

Indica 35%

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300 is the strain you want when you need to be focused like a Spartan. A child of White Widow, 300 has all of her sativa effects toned down enough so you can focus on and handle any challenge that comes your way, such as a life-or-death battle against a vast unending army or that creative project you just haven’t quite cracked yet. The first toke hits your head fast and then slowly drips down your body providing a soft relaxing feeling and a burst of energy that can help you keep going like the well-trained warriors of old. Want to give Golden Shores’ 300 a try? Well, come and take it!

300 is recognizable by its light green color and the thick white coating of trichomes that it gets from its parent strains White Widow and Brownie Scout. The flavor is earthy and spicy and you’ll feel it in your nose immediately. This strain is recommended for creative projects, working out, or anytime you are needing that extra energy and focus.


Relaxed | Creative | Focused 

Helps With

Stress | Anxiety | Inflammation


Spicy | Woody | Vanilla


Earthy | Coffee | Sweet

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