Red Pop

Unknown Strain x Cookies & Cream


Sativa 50%

Indica 50%

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Red Pop is an indica dominant hybrid strain. This bud has an insanely flavorful taste of sweet apples with hints of earthy berry and blueberry that stays long after you finish smoking. The aroma is very spicy, with a fruity citrus that is accented by sweet earth as the nugs are broken apart and burned. This bud has oversized lumpy forest green nugs with thick orange hairs, light minty patches with dark green leaves, and a super thick coating of oversized chunky white trichomes.


Creative | Euphoria | Giggly | Happy | Mellow | Relaxing | Uplifting 

Helps With

Chronic Pain | Depression | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite


Herbal | Nutty | Sweet


Earthy | Herbal | Nutty | Sweet


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