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Frosted Kong

Gorilla Cookies X Cereal Milk


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Frosted Kong is the strain that will make your mouth water. Bred for potency with its parent strains Gorilla Cookies and Cereal Milk, this heavy indica hybrid is for those looking for that extra help with their relaxation. With the first toke, Frosted Kong delivers an incredibly strong blissful sensation to the body that rises up to the head and reminds you that life is sweet.

Frosted Kong is recognizable by its dark green color and sparkling coating of trichomes that look like the milk at the end of a cereal bowl. Along with its sugary appearance, Frosted Kong buds are known for their density. It feels like you are holding a stone in your hand and the strain delivers on that promise.

Frosted Kong pairs well with sitting in front of the tv on a relaxing Saturday morning or any other variation because you won’t be able to do much else.


Relaxed | Sleepy | Bliss

Helps With

Anxiety | Stress | Pain


Vanilla | Sweet | Nutty 


Sweet | Citrus | Pungent

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